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Victory Cups


We love Victory Cups. A great reminder of accomplishments and milestones marked with engravings in precious metals. Large and small, each has its own character and story to go along with it. They make great display in home or commercial settings. These could be engraved and would make a great gift. This listing is for ONE of the Victory Cups in the photo, please choose. Each is unique, and is priced accordingly. Please inquire for more photos.
(Numbered 1-6 L-R)

1) 5 1/2" tall Silver & Wood Base
"BC Telephone Co. Mixed Bowling League Season 1949-50 won by Circuits King Cavalsky"

2) 6" tall Copper
"1944 Wash State Championship Mens Juvenile Second"

3) 10 1/2" Copper w/plastic base

4) 6" tall Silver w/wood base

5) 8" tall Copper w/porcelain base

6) 6" tall Silver w/plastic base
"Glenbury Dairy Team 1949-50, Stuart Robinson"